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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Date with Happiness

Yesterday I went to visit Rita and the pups in Orlando!  As always, I had a wonderful time.  Rita is just adorable and her brood amazing!   Ponyo is a little whirlwind of fur!   I can't get over how much she's changed  since the last time I saw her just a week and a half ago!   She's amazing!   What can I say?!  I'm one proud puppy mama!!  : D

Below are a few of the pictures I was able to take before it started raining.

Ponyo doing her best bunny impersonation!

L to R: Scoops, Choji (Paco), Sumo, Mushi, and Ponyo

Mushi and Sumo are two cool cats... er I mean pups!

Meeting at the watering hole!

These innocent faces are planning a jail break I just know it!

Scoops striking her best super model pose!

Choji (Paco) is one handsome guy!

Mushi wants you to know this is NOT a doll... it's an action figure!

Ponyo says, "Alright Mom!  Enough with the pictures!  It's time to play!"

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