I'm looking at you, kid!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Holidays! :D

Hi Everybody!  Hope your all having a wonderful Holiday season so far!  Sorry for not posting sooner but it's been so hectic over here in my neck of the woods!   So today I'm just going to post a couple quick photos.  Hope you enjoy!

 <3 Ana

Coming out from her puppy classes at PetSmart

My darling niece and I took a visit to Hogwarts!

Outside the famous Harry Potter candy store!

And finally, don't let this sweet smile fool you... 
my little niece is planning to take over the world someday!


  1. Hi Ana! I see razing you about not posting for so long may have helped! Ha! Your darling nieces...glad I got to meet them! They look like they are having SUCH fun! Alice looks like she is praying!

  2. Uncle Tigger waves a paw at the adorable Alice the lovely nieces, and cousin Bolt wants to know if he should send down some of this lovely snow we got here in Michigan. Love the photos!

  3. Alice sends puppy kisses to Rita, Uncle Tigger, and cousin Bolt! She also wanted me to mention that she would LOVE some Michigan snow right about now and I have to agree!! :D So pile some in a box and send it on down! :D In turn, we'll send you some Florida sun!