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Saturday, February 5, 2011

:D Corgi Meet Up

Today Alice and I got to go to our second official Corgi Meet Up in our area!  YAY!  Boy, did we have a lot of fun!  If only I could of taken them all home!  Hehehe!

First to arrive on the scene!

However, that wasn't the case for long.
Soon a whole sea of corgi's showed up!
  There must of been at least 20...
but only one little Cardie!

Quick, can you spot the Cardigan in this picture?
Alice didn't seem to mind being different and
I was just happy I knew which corgi was mine!

Pem 1:   Hey you!  I told you to stop copying me!
Pem 2:  What are you talking about?! You're the one copying me!

Pem:  Look kid, I'm digging out of this place!  Keep an eye out, will ya?!

Alice:  Woah... he sure is fast!  Bye-bye mister!

(Just kidding! =D None of the corgi's ran away.  They were all having too much fun!)

And finally, on the way home...
Alice:  Mom, that was fun!  Can we do it again tomorrow?!

=)  The End! 

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