I'm looking at you, kid!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Puppies!

Remy: Arrrrg... I smell booty!!   
Alice:  Oh?!  Do we have company?!
Remy:  No, Alice!  It's pirate booty!
Alice:  Wait, so your smelling your own butt?
Remy:  *sigh*  Nooo Alice!  I smell treasure!
Alice:  Um, pretty sure that's just birthday cake. 

I can't believe my babies are turning 1 already!   
Thank you to Rita, Amy, and Jill! 

We're gonna party like its 1999!


  1. Oh my goodness, how CUTE! Tigger says happy birthday son Remy and niece Alice, and Bolt and Dory send birthday wishes as well. Did they eat their hats later?

  2. LOL :D Not yet Jill! I think they're saving them for dessert later! Happy Birthday to Bolt and Dory! We're so proud of them & Daddy Tigger too!

  3. Happy Birthday Alice and Remy!!! We're taking Byron out for his Birthday tomorrow somewhere so he can pick out some goodies. Not sure where yet. Should be fun!

  4. How did I miss this?! What a loser I am. :( Happy belated birthday to Alice and Remy from all of us! (Dewi sends special sniffs and licks for Alice.) :)

  5. Hi Ana, I just found your blog and had to comment. I have had 2 Cardis from Cornerstone and agree that Rita is the best. Nathan and Nigel have both gone to the bridge, but a year ago we adopted a tri-color rescue Cardi, Bowie, who is the biggest lover ever! I'm in California now, but when I'm ready for a new pup I'm going to talk to Rita and maybe try to get a blue girl like lovely Alice! Cheers to your corgi family!

  6. Hi Leanne! Thank you for the lovely comment! :D It's so nice to meet another member of our Cardi family! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond. As you can see, I've very bad about updating my blog! *blush* I blame my camera! It just eats through the batteries. I keep telling myself I'm going to either post more or get another camera! Hehehe!

    Btw, do you have any pictures of Bowie to share?! If so, I would really love to see him. I hope to own a little tri one day!

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